Dayne Wittenbrink: The Power of Energy

Dayne Wittenbrink understands the power of energy. Energy plays an important role in people’s spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Dayne Wittenbrink is the recent recipient of a certification in the practice of the Healing Touch nurturing therapy method. She is excited about the opportunity to share her healing expertise with her clients and her community.

Nurturing energy therapy promotes healing through the proper harnessing and refocus of the body’s natural energy flow. Dayne Wittenbrink is skilled and certified in nurturing energy therapy and will soon give people a great new way to promote their body’s natural healing. The nurturing energy therapy that Dayne Wittenbrink plans to help people receive can go a long way towards the achievement of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance. This helps to restore, or awaken, a person’s body’s natural ability to heal. Dayne Wittenbrink will employ a gentle and heart-centered touch as she administers these natural, promotional energy therapies.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink is committed to painless and noninvasive nurturing energy therapies. The nurturing energy therapy provided by people with Healing Touch certifications is endorsed by Healing Beyond Borders and the American Holistic Nurses’ Association. A soon-to-be healer like Dayne Wittenbrink must seek out the Healing Beyond Borders Certification Board in order to both apply and receive their certification.

Dayne Wittenbrink believes in the enormous benefits that healing through natural energy can provide her clients. These enormous and numerous benefits can have a highly-positive impact on people. The Healing Touch method allows people’s bodies to improve their natural ability to move through the healing process.

Dayne Wittenbrink: Healing Touch Energy Therapy

Dayne Wittenbrink is now certified and highly-qualified to deliver nurturing energy healing therapies to her people in need. She is certified in the Healing Touch method so that she can provide people with natural and nurturing energy therapies. Dayne Wittenbrink will soon help people get powerfully-effective energy healing therapy that will not only improve a person’s balance, but that will also restore their body’s ability to heal.

As a certified Healing Touch healer, Dayne Wittenbrink will soon work to create a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for her clients. She plans to capitalize on proven Healing Touch-approved nurturing energy techniques to provide her patients with effective and safe energy therapies. Dayne Wittenbrink believes in bringing together the mind, body and spirit in order to provide her clients better focus, balance and noninvasive healing promotion.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

The Healing Touch Certification Program provided Dayne Wittenbrink with her certification. The classes provided by the Healing Touch Certification Program are approved for continuing education by the California Board of Nursing, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the American Holistic Nurses’ Association. The Healing Touch Certification and Practice is a program that adheres to the principles of nurturing energy therapy for health professionals, as well as those committed to the healing process. Dayne Wittenbrink is devoted to the practice of nurturing energy therapy and has the intention of providing this effective healing therapy to anyone in need of a safe and effective healing solution.

Dayne Wittenbrink is committed to being a Nurturing Energy Therapy healer, and to instructing and her Yoga students on the art of Yoga.

Dayne Wittenbrink Believes in the Healing Touch Difference

Dayne Wittenbrink has just earned her certification as a Healing Touch healer, and is anxious to share her gift for healing with those around her.

Nurturing energy therapy helps to heal through the harnessing of rechanneling of the body’s natural energy flow. Dayne Wittenbrink is an expert in nurturing energy therapy and will soon provide people a pain-free and effective way to promote natural healing. The nurturing energy therapy that Dayne Wittenbrink will provide can help people achieve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance, as well as restore their body’s natural ability to heal. Dayne Wittenbrink will utilize a heart-centered and gentle touch to administer her energy therapies, which are provided in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink believes in noninvasive and painless energy therapies. The nurturing energy therapy offered by Healing Touch professionals is endorsed by Healing Beyond Borders and the American Holistic Nurses’ Association. Every practitioner, Dayne Wittenbrink included, must go through the Healing Beyond Borders Certification Board to apply for certification.

Dayne Wittenbrink believes that healing through natural energy can reap enormous benefits for her patients. The Healing Touch alternative helps people’s bodies improve their ability to heal themselves, thereby establishing a great tool for people’s bodies to use. Dayne Wittenbrink will soon offer an energy therapy that requires no hospital visits yet can safely coincide and work with standard medical care. This noninvasive approach can perhaps do wonders for those who are unable to achieve effective healing.

Dayne Wittenbrink is also a professional Yoga Instructor with a 200 hour certification.

Dayne Wittenbrink – Nursing School Attendee and Supporter of Veterans

Dayne Wittenbrink has a bit of advice for those choosing an institution to attend for the study of holistic nursing. She says that when looking for a school to receive your degree in holistic nursing, Dayne Wittenbrink recommends that you make sure that the school is accredited. The main accreditation boards for holistic medicine are the American Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH) and the American Holistic Medical Association. These associations make sure that the schools are following the newest advances in holistic treatments.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

Another thing that Dayne Wittenbrink suggests when choosing a holistic nursing school is that they assist with job placement. Having a network of people helping you to find a job after graduation makes the process of job hunting much easier.

In addition to making sure that the school you have chosen is accredited and offers job placement assistance, Dayne Wittenbrink recommends that you join professional organizations. Dayne Wittenbrink is currently a member of both the American Holistic Nursing Association and Student Nurse Association.

In addition to her passion for holistic nursing, Dayne Wittenbrink shares a passion for supporting veterans. Her boyfriend and father of their three children, Dustin Row, is a Gulf War veteran who first-handedly understands the struggles veterans face, not only in combat but when faced with acclimating back into the civilian life. Just over a year ago, Dustin organized a fundraiser for veterans called Songs4Soldiers, a concert celebrating those who currently served, or have previously served, in the Armed Forces. Dayne Wittenbrink is proud of her boyfriend’s service, passion, and dedication to helping other vets.

Dayne Wittenbrink is a Goldfarb School of Nursing Graduate

Recently in 2014, Dayne Wittenbrink graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing. While attending The Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish, Dayne Wittenbrink was active in many professional and student organizations including the American Holistic Nursing Association and the student council.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

Associations and Organizations

While attending school to get her Bachelor’s of Science degree, Dayne Wittenbrink has joined the student council at the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish. Since January 2013, she has served as the vice president, and during that time has been responsible for hosting the American Red Cross blood drive and the carnival night for patients at the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Dayne Wittenbrink is also a proud and active member of the American Holistic Nursing Association and has been since 2013.

Dayne Wittenbrink is recent graduate of the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish and is a nurse with goals of obtaining holistic healing certification. She has been active in many student and professional organizations that support holistic nursing.

Additional Info about Dayne Wittenbrink

Besides being a nursing school graduate, Dayne Wittenbrink is the proud parent of three children with boyfriend Dustin Row, a Gulf War vet and musician. Just over a year ago, Dustin organized a concert to benefit veterans called Songs4Soldiers. People who know Dustin describe him as “passionate,” and even Dayne Wittenbrink herself can’t help but to show her appreciation and admiration for her boyfriend. She describes his passion for the cause as both obvious and touching.

Dayne Wittenbrink on Yoga and the National Yoga Alliance

Dayne Wittenbrink is a member of the Yoga Alliance and has logged over 200 hours as a certified yoga instructor.

What is Yoga?

According to Dayne Wittenbrink, yoga is the connection between the mind and body. Yoga originated in India with the goal of attaining permanent peace. Since the 1980’s, yoga has become very popular in the United States. Dayne Wittenbrink has been teaching yoga for many years and has been amazed at how yoga is able to transform both the body and the mind. The number of people in the United States who regularly practice some form of yoga was estimated to be around 20 million people in 2011. Many people attend Dayne Wittenbrink‘s classes to improve their overall health and well-being. Many athletes have integrated the practice of yoga into their exercise regimens because of yoga’s goal of promoting physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. This increased mental agility is enhanced by the other benefits of yoga such as breathing control and strengthening of the core.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

What Does the National Yoga Alliance do?

The National Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit association that is dedicated to representing the yoga community. Dayne Wittenbrink has been a member of the National Yoga Alliance for many years and supports the organizations goals of spreading the power of yoga. The main function of the organization is to ensure that the practice of yoga grows and is able to transform lives.

Yoga has been instrumental in transforming Dayne Wittenbrink’s life. As she continues to teach yoga, she is able to spread the transformational power of yoga to her students.