Dayne Wittenbrink – Nursing School Attendee and Supporter of Veterans

Dayne Wittenbrink has a bit of advice for those choosing an institution to attend for the study of holistic nursing. She says that when looking for a school to receive your degree in holistic nursing, Dayne Wittenbrink recommends that you make sure that the school is accredited. The main accreditation boards for holistic medicine are the American Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH) and the American Holistic Medical Association. These associations make sure that the schools are following the newest advances in holistic treatments.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

Another thing that Dayne Wittenbrink suggests when choosing a holistic nursing school is that they assist with job placement. Having a network of people helping you to find a job after graduation makes the process of job hunting much easier.

In addition to making sure that the school you have chosen is accredited and offers job placement assistance, Dayne Wittenbrink recommends that you join professional organizations. Dayne Wittenbrink is currently a member of both the American Holistic Nursing Association and Student Nurse Association.

In addition to her passion for holistic nursing, Dayne Wittenbrink shares a passion for supporting veterans. Her boyfriend and father of their three children, Dustin Row, is a Gulf War veteran who first-handedly understands the struggles veterans face, not only in combat but when faced with acclimating back into the civilian life. Just over a year ago, Dustin organized a fundraiser for veterans called Songs4Soldiers, a concert celebrating those who currently served, or have previously served, in the Armed Forces. Dayne Wittenbrink is proud of her boyfriend’s service, passion, and dedication to helping other vets.