Dayne Wittenbrink: The Power of Energy

Dayne Wittenbrink understands the power of energy. Energy plays an important role in people’s spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Dayne Wittenbrink is the recent recipient of a certification in the practice of the Healing Touch nurturing therapy method. She is excited about the opportunity to share her healing expertise with her clients and her community.

Nurturing energy therapy promotes healing through the proper harnessing and refocus of the body’s natural energy flow. Dayne Wittenbrink is skilled and certified in nurturing energy therapy and will soon give people a great new way to promote their body’s natural healing. The nurturing energy therapy that Dayne Wittenbrink plans to help people receive can go a long way towards the achievement of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance. This helps to restore, or awaken, a person’s body’s natural ability to heal. Dayne Wittenbrink will employ a gentle and heart-centered touch as she administers these natural, promotional energy therapies.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink is committed to painless and noninvasive nurturing energy therapies. The nurturing energy therapy provided by people with Healing Touch certifications is endorsed by Healing Beyond Borders and the American Holistic Nurses’ Association. A soon-to-be healer like Dayne Wittenbrink must seek out the Healing Beyond Borders Certification Board in order to both apply and receive their certification.

Dayne Wittenbrink believes in the enormous benefits that healing through natural energy can provide her clients. These enormous and numerous benefits can have a highly-positive impact on people. The Healing Touch method allows people’s bodies to improve their natural ability to move through the healing process.

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