Dayne Wittenbrink: Healing Touch Energy Therapy

Dayne Wittenbrink is now certified and highly-qualified to deliver nurturing energy healing therapies to her people in need. She is certified in the Healing Touch method so that she can provide people with natural and nurturing energy therapies. Dayne Wittenbrink will soon help people get powerfully-effective energy healing therapy that will not only improve a person’s balance, but that will also restore their body’s ability to heal.

As a certified Healing Touch healer, Dayne Wittenbrink will soon work to create a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for her clients. She plans to capitalize on proven Healing Touch-approved nurturing energy techniques to provide her patients with effective and safe energy therapies. Dayne Wittenbrink believes in bringing together the mind, body and spirit in order to provide her clients better focus, balance and noninvasive healing promotion.

Dayne Wittenbrink

Dayne Wittenbrink

The Healing Touch Certification Program provided Dayne Wittenbrink with her certification. The classes provided by the Healing Touch Certification Program are approved for continuing education by the California Board of Nursing, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the American Holistic Nurses’ Association. The Healing Touch Certification and Practice is a program that adheres to the principles of nurturing energy therapy for health professionals, as well as those committed to the healing process. Dayne Wittenbrink is devoted to the practice of nurturing energy therapy and has the intention of providing this effective healing therapy to anyone in need of a safe and effective healing solution.

Dayne Wittenbrink is committed to being a Nurturing Energy Therapy healer, and to instructing and her Yoga students on the art of Yoga.

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